International Peace Poem
presented at
Millennium Peace Day at United Nations

“Thus launching the International Decade for a Culture of Peace
and Nonviolence for the Children of the World, 2001-2010.”


Maeh-ki (Red-sky) El-Issa, 15, (second from left) reads a peace poem written
by Mother Teresa in honor of his late mother, Ingrid Washinawatok, slain on
a cultural education mission to Colombia March 4, 1999. Also on stage, are
International Peace Poem coordinators, Melinda Gohn (left) and (right),
Allen Lewis. Seated behind him at the table draped with the Cloth of Many
Colors, United Nations General Assembly President Harri Holkeri listens to
the peace poem:

“The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith,
the fruit of faith is love, the fruit of love is service, the fruit
of service is peace.”


Mother Teresa

Colombian First Lady, Mrs. Nohra Puyana de Pastrana,
accepts an International Peace Poem scroll and a maile
(scent of heaven) lei from Maeh-ki El-Issa, before
United Nations dignitaries during the Millennium
Peace Day in the United Nations on April 19, 2000.

International Peace Poem Coordinator Melinda Gohn, (left) shares with those gathered for the Millennium Peace Day observance at the United Nations in New York that
The International Peace Poem is:

“…a document of love, understanding and hope written mainly by youth. Their voice is the voice of the future their hope - is for peace in the millennium…”

To her right on stage is Maeh-ki El-Issa, International Peace Poem reader, while Allen Lewis and Frank Rich, International Peace Poem Coordinators hold up a portion of the International Peace Poem. Seated at the table draped with the Cloth of Many Colors are UN dignitaries that include 2nd from left, Colombian First Lady, Nohra Puyana de Pastrana, and 3rd from left, UN President of the General Assembly,
Harri Holkeri of Finland.

Harri Holkeri, the United Nations General Assembly President, is presented with a maile lei by International Peace Poem coordinator Melinda Gohn. Seated to his left is Mrs. Nohra Puyana de Pastrana, First Lady of Colombia, and other U.N. dignitaries.

Melinda Gohn, International Peace Poem Coordinator shares with those gathered for the Millennium Peace Day. To her right is Maeh-ki El-Issa, International Peace Poem reader, and holding up a portion of the International Peace Poem; coordinators Allen Lewis and Frank Rich. UN dignitaries seated at the table behind draped with the
Cloth of Many Colors listen to her words:
“The project has been a voice for people of the world to express their hope for peace. Let us hope world leaders will listen and work toward nonviolent solutions.”


The International Peace Poem Project extends our sincere appreciation and grateful thanks
to all those that made the UN presentation of the International Peace Poem possible...

Leis for UN Presentation
Maile Leis made by hand donated by: Roberta Goodman.
Orange Flower Leis made and donated by the Maui Visitors Bureau.
Lodging Donated by:
Ali El-Issa (Family of Ingrid Washinawatok) Brooklyn, NY.
Ellen Kahne, Poet and healer, New York, NY
Ian Wallach, Attorney at Law, Chelsea, New York.
Transportation furnished by:
John Livingstone, (husband of Lahe`en`e Gay). Big Island, HI
Ellen Kahne, Poet and healer, New York, NY.
David Wilson, (The Bear) Haiku, HI
Mary Elizabeth Grant, Poet, Haiku, HI
Business cards furnished by:
Lisa Chinn, Kihei, HI
Media Coverage and Photo Assistance
T. Inouye, Lahaina, HI
Custom Photo Developing furnished
Terry Rowe, Photographer, Kihei, HI

And to the many thousands who have contributed their original words of peace to the Poem...

Monetary Donations for the United Nations Travel fund were received from:
(listed in the order received)
Sherry and Gene McDonald Kihei, HI
Holy Innocents Church, Lahaina. HI
Father Charles Cannon, Lahaina, HI
Eve Clute, Lahaina, HI
Jane Lewis, Lahaina, HI
Mary Elizabeth Grant, Haiku, HI
Michael the Sandal maker, Lahaina, HI
Ellen Levinski, Lahaina, HI
Dave Wilson (The Bear) Haiku, HI
K.C. Edwards. Kihei, HI
Lorraine Barrie, Kihei, HI
Sandra Diaz and Susie Hill, Barstow, CA
Dr. H. Percy, Lahaina, HI
Ester Wilkes, Kihei, HI
Robert and Maryann Jones, Evans, GA
John Kumler, Phoenix, AZ
Jason Schwartz, Kihei, HI
Carol Pratt, San Rafael, CA
Father Joseph Bukoski, Lahaina, HI
Michael Bishop, New York, NY
Dianne Cater, Maalaea, HI
Bryan Debris, Lahaina, HI
Kristy Sabin, Kula, HI
Robert and Risa Whiting, Maalaea, HI
Kimberly Day, Honolulu, HI
Buck Buchanon, Lahaina, HI
MariMed Foundation, Kaneohe, HI

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