International Peace Poem Project

Join us in creating this worldwide peace poem. If we believe that the violence in daily life can influence the way our children think and behave, then we should appreciate any time spent directing them and ourselves toward a pattern of peaceful thoughts and behavior. The Peace Poem is a personal meditation, a creative act of good will. Take a moment to place your thoughts about peace on the Peace Poem. The intent is to encourage this inclination toward peace in the spirit of each adult and child. It recognizes the importance of every individual in contributing to this worldwide affirmation of the sanctity of the human spirit. People contributing lines to the poem include - Willie Nelson, Arlo Guthrie, Miss America, students worldwide..

You may click here to email us your two lines of poetry. Please type your name, city and country! The Peace Poem Project has collected lines of poetry from youths and adults in 70 different languages and received lines of poetry from Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, Miss America, Miss Hawaii, Willie Nelson, and Hawaii's First Lady, Governor Linda Lingle. Click here to see some events and Peace Poem participants. Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann honors young peace poets.

For me, the most gratifying part of this project has been the contributions of students in the schools. In many schools especially throughout the United States from Alaska to Hawaii, we have seen teachers take on the Peace Poem as a class project. Teachers tell us students feel a personal sense of accomplishment in being a part of this worldwide project. We ask that each person write by hand two lines of their thoughts on peace . It doesn't have to rhyme, may be free verse, and may be written in any language. You may send just your two lines or decide to send the lines of others as well in your family, group of friends, gathering of artists, work associates, or Sunday school class

The International Peace Poem was presented symbolically to the United Nations on Millennium Peace Day, September 19, 2000. Click here for an article and pictures detailing the event.

Just pull down a copy of our web page, print out the scroll on white paper that's 8 1/2 x 11 inches and write your two lines. It doesn't have to rhyme. Have your friends, students, associates write their lines. Then mail them to Peace Poem, P.O. Box 102, Lahaina, Hawaii, USA 96761. Some schools have chosen to follow our example of a lesson plan. Click here for an article detailing a peace poetry-writing contest for students.

Melinda Gohn Peace Poem Coordinator

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